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Monday, March 12, 2012

Border 3 completed

How is everyone doing? I bet the Southern Hemisphere people are looking forward to some long winter afternoons doing some stitching - I know I am.

I finished my 3rd border section. Each one gets harder and harder to finish so I'm glad to only have one more to go.

I'm looking forward to
the time when I can sew the sections together and start quilting it. I'm thinking to do utility stitching with Finca Perle Cotton 8. Multiple colors in a free-form floral design of some sort? Then again.....with all the embroidery and wild colors, my quilting won't really show that much so would I be better off to do a simple overall machine quilted design? What are your thoughts on the quilting of the Vignette?


  1. I can't think about the quilting now !!!! or my head will explode !
    I'm starting to stitch the blocks 2 and 3...
    It couldn't be as much quilted as ?????????

  2. Not going to think about the quilting yet! I'm like Flo, I think my head would explode :o) I have a large pile of pretty thread scraps here as I am trying to get some stitching done but like you it feels like it is taking forever and I am getting no where.

  3. I haven't thought about the quilting yet. I just want to get the embroidery done!!! I just started my FIRST border. I wish I stitched faster. I love the colors you have used.

  4. Enjoyed browsing your blog today, Looking for some new ones. Very nice! So fun to visit around the world! Would be pleased to have you Come visit me in the states in the state of Missouri at

  5. Looks beautiful, you are getting close!

  6. This looks amazing! So colourful! I have started seeing the Finca Pearl thread around but am curious to know what Utility stitching is? Happy Stitching, Susie

  7. Wow1 I think is going to look wonderful once you finish it, I love all the colors you chose.
    Laura :0)

  8. Thanks everyone. I must admit - my fabric selection is starting to grow on me. I'm actually using the left over bits in my leader/ender project of bow tie blocks.

    Marlynne - I'll stop by!

    Susie - utility stitching....also sometimes called Big Stitching I think. It's where you use a thicker thread and longer stitches than you would with typical hand quilting.

    Has anyone used the size 12 Finca pearl thread?